International Membership

W.S.V. Ceres is the biggest and oldest student association in Wageningen, founded in 1878, with about 800 active members. W.S.V. Ceres has its very own association building right in the centre of Wageningen: a mansion entirely maintained by and meant for our student members.

Being this old, Ceres upholds many very typical traditions that are still alive to this day. Some of these correspond with Dutch student traditions that have existed since the 16th century.

Since 2017 Ceres offers the International Membership. This Membership allows international students to experience the typical Dutch student life!

The membership:

  • Get to know the Dutch student life in Wageningen
  • Access to open parties and member parties
  • Unique traditions
  • Drinks, dinners and exclusive activities
  • Meet new people


The membership does not tie you to any commitments: instead, it allows you to join some of our activities and traditions that are occurring at Ceres if you are interested in finding out more about the Dutch culture while making the most of your student life here in Wageningen!

You can become a member for a semester or a year. The membership fee is €24,- for a semester and €40,- for a year.

Subscribe during the (winter) AID!

Want to know more? Please approach us during the AID, check our Facebook page​ or send an email to:

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